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tv   BBC World News  PBS  April 7, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> union bank offers unique insight and expertise in a range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> bloodshed and turmoil in kurdistan. the opposition has set up an interim government to restore law and order. >> this is the main square where thousands of protesters have gathered. we just saw one person being killed. >> a state of emergency is being declared around bangkok as the red shirts sent people fleeing.
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gaza, what is driving people to break the blockade. coming up later -- reconciliation between russia and poland as the country marks the massacre of 1940. having fun in the sun, a prototype airplane takes to the skies. mass demonstrations brought the current president of kurdistan to power. but the lack of democratic change since has brought the violent clashes back. 14 people are dead, 400 injured.
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the opposition says they have set up an interim government in a country where moscow is jostling for instance -- influence. our correspondent is there and in the thick of it. >> grenades and live rounds were fired into the square. the scene was chaotic with protesters attempting to move towards the administration, shouting that the current president must go. this is the main square where thousands of protesters have gathered. from it -- the police were firing stun grenades and bullets. we just saw one person get killed. the crowd is uncontrollable, some of them are very angry. they say they want social changes in their country. the person that just walked by
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ask why we were filming, why did we not film a person that was just wounded? >> many people here compare this to the mass protests from five years ago. he had been the hero of the so- called to lip revolution, someone that many hoped would bring changes to the country. today people are angry. wednesday's protests were uncontrollable. the government said they simply do not have enough military power to restore order. >> we should say that the producer and cameraman were there with her. a state of emergency is around but thailand capital where
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anti-american protesters have gotten into the compound and forced a session to an abrupt -- to an abrupt end. ridgell harvey reports from bangkok. >> another redshirt raid, this time with parliament. police were waiting. apparently ready for action. when it came, the police seemed unable or unwilling to push a line through. breaking through the quarters outside of the parliament. some of the more confrontational, but there was no real violence behind the pushing and shoving other than what sent politicians scurrying for safety. some of them down a ladder, others evacuated by army helmet -- helicopters. parliamentary sessions were
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aborted. mission accomplished for the red shirts. base camp was celebrating. they are still holding this key piece of ground in bangkok. they have been at it for 26 days and are in no mood to give up now. >> today many of the same leaders are back on this stage, the finally delivering speeches. the prime minister said that he was determined to restore peace the society. the army and police have said they will not use force. >> the prime minister's response? declaring a state of emergency in the capital. the situation is escalating, each side is increasing the stakes.
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>> bay chinese human rights lawyer whose disappearance last year caused international concern has resurfaced in beijing. in a single interview he has said that he has been through so cool experiences but he now wants to be reunited with his family and have some control over his future. a senior spanish judge known for indicting osama bin laden has himself been charged with abuse of power. over his investigation into atrocities committed during the spanish civil war. the obama administration has authorized the cia to hunt down and kill an american-born cleric in yemen. he is accused of helping to plan attacks, including the attempted bombing of an airliner and a shooting at an american army base.
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under sustained pressure from the united nations and washington, the head of a afghanistan's independent election commission stepped down. president karzai was told that he did not want to continue in the job and the president karzai accepted his resignation. martin patients is in kabul. >> it comes amidst an extraordinary standoff over the election oversight. ever since the presidential election last year, which had been marred by a wide scale fraud, the u.n. had been pushing
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karzai seems to be sending a message. remember, a few days ago he diatribe against america and members of the u.n., saying that they were responsible signalling that president karzai is willing to make a cooling of tensions between the two > thr us. janeiro, at least 100 people have been known to have died inn shantytowns. our correspondent is there. >>the rain might be less
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intense, but the risk landslides remains very high. unstable. house up there that collapsed under the mud. firefighters are, , , , , , , ,t the people are impatient, attempting to take hands. not a, houses collapsed and people died during the rainy season. but not in this scale. the problem is that many of the shantytownshillsides where thins heavy rain was exactly what they had for the last 48 hours.
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it had not rained this much in such a bbc news, rio de janeiro. blockade that has been up for almost three years is be needed to stop weapons smuggling to palestinian militants. thousands of goods were smuggled expanding systt o o o o o o o o- tunnels. we have achieved a rare footage of entire cars driving through cli>> deep underground, the by these pictures broadcast for the first time. it is dangerous work. in the light of day, this is what you get.
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a rarity in the gaza only 200 s. they paid $38,000 for the>> wha? i cannot do anything. i will have to change. >> t t t thehe three-year blockf days of -- means that many cars have seen better days. many of them have beenmmmmeeeem. mercedes dealership here, the falyly have one car. this huge limousine taxi. the owner says he has had his car for seven offers but he doet
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to sell it because it is the only new car he has for display. >> we used to import year 100, 120 cars. of cars and spare parts into gaza others have resulted -- t t t t to restoring classic cars. parts have to befor many, this y that gaza can keep movibbc news. >> online and on message, will the internet
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really influence how people vote in massive operation is underway on the great barrier reef. aunununun r run aground. -- chinesesalalalalooal carrier has run a gun -- run aground >> thousands of tons of heavy fuel oiloo the sea and damage the great barrier reef. the pacific responder is in a shape around the ship to contain, hopefully, potential spills. while there is still a small risk of breakingcrews have benee weather conditions. thelililililililililililian govs
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considering tightening of its maritime why such a cargo ship was channel that was so hard to navigate. be 12 kilometers of courseghgh in the great barrier reef. >> the oil has already broken up following the use of chemical aspersions. none of it has reachedtourists s for the great barrier reef, one >> i came here to see the great barrier reef because we have ge. if it is destroyed, what is the reason? >> attempting to tow the ship to a clear waters where they can
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inspect damage, b bleleleleababe operation. >> the latest headlines you in the hour, a day of deadly clashes for security forces and protesters in kurdistan. it is not clearcountry. a state of emergency has been anti-government protesters forced parliament to evacuate. safety fears have forced the european union to withdraw nn in darfur. sustaining the peace deal of 2005, ending over two decades of civilthe yacht -- the violence s southern sudan.
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>> tribal singing in the capitao encourage people to cast their vevevevegogovernment is bankinga high.. here they are really only marchingcertain of victory a combination of multiple rates could be confusing for those unaccustomed to voting. this has not dented their years the city has been transformed by construction from a ghost town e international community wants to development across the world,
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not only here, can only progress in s s s s stable environment. in a friendly environment. free. i am sure e community is hoping that the elections go as smoothlypppppos. dwelling, one doubts i i i i ife people here have any or >>speaking foreign language] the conditions they are living in our shockingly this wr children do not haveeat and sheo
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send them to school. >>eeeeavave come to the childr's, the main onenethere ar the delivery of crucial main demands featured in the election campaign. >> what is the president's response? been debated by the government's. >> the irony is that his for him and vote for change. he has been in power for five years. we get the distinct impression that on polling
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there are results it will be pretty much business usual. bbc news, southern sudan. >> one of the most brutal mass murders of war, were murdered by the soviets, who blamed it o o. today for from both russia and poland attended att memorial ceremony to commemorate the dead. adam has this report on the massacre. >> in 1943 the german army had
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20,000 polish officers h h h h t union. scarcely anyone believe them. for yearsngngngngngngngngngngng with stahl and's version. it was only 99 u.n. admitted that he could have committed the crime. he would return after the war, but he never did. cucucucuisiscussion of the topis forbidden. it absolutely out of the question. to commemorate the crime.
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both ofthere has not been enough courage to invite the polish president or polish prime count. it is a a s s s s signal that something is changing. >> the memorial prominent place in a military cemetery. it has been like an open sore on polish russian of the victims it has meant decades of lies and discriminationsperhaps this ye't ceremony, which is unprecedented, will be a step bbc news, warsaw.
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starting gun fired on what promises to be one of credit -- unpredictable elections in britain in years. there was plentyngngngngkiking and handshaking, for the next four weeks we will see a new political battle. wade online. -- wage -- waged on line. >> moving into the 21st century technology has not changed the modern election election much. not just youtube, but web sites like twitter and facebook. answer in parliament but in other social networks.
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the liberal democrats have set up a wee message that their rivs are for more of the same. what is another five? >> google is one of the key weapons. they are search terms of where they can placetstststsenents. >> the proof will be in the pudding. if you coo only get paid when someone click on your have found something relevant. >> a big player in the election. there is little evidence that atatatatththat interested, but those that are tell their friends.
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>> if each of the people that is interested has 100reach 10,000 . gg numbers to be achieved. >> but it does allow for frienda campaign. end it may be discarded for old fashioned campaign methods. >> the first solar its first successful test flight in switzerland. >> it has the wingspan of a jumbo weighs less than an average family car. the impulse is not need one single drop in
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fuel. today they successfully l l 1,000 meters into the air for a test flight less than one-half followed by a very smooth landing. in 1999 the first man flew nonstop around the >> the solar impulse i t t t t e milestone. everything we have down with their challenge to take the solar temple's around the world. >> it will not be nonstop.llllst likely to replace conventional air travel anytime soon.
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we fly it just 70 kilometers per this is bbc nene more of that and all of the international news online, most of the team on twitter. you can see what we are working on in thank you very much for being with us. >> funding was made possible by york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t.ddd.
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